Culinary Philosophy

The Shou Sugi Ban House culinary philosophy is born from our belief that true health is grounded in nature. Our menu, designed in collaboration with chef Mads Refslund, allows guests to experience an inventive, plant-rich, seasonal menu, designed to heal and sustain.  Meals are created consciously, nourishing the whole person through a mindful and balanced approach.

Our culinary team selects the finest locally sourced, organic foods based on hyper-seasonal collaborations with local growers and purveyors. Additionally, we integrate an abundance of herbs and greens grown in our on-site gardens.

little gem salad

Dining at Shou Sugi Ban House

Our open-concept, demonstration kitchen and communal dining table evoke transparency and invite the sharing of ideas, nurturing an authentic social experience as guests gather for cooking classes and lectures by visiting speakers and chefs.

We have chosen to embrace sustainability as a crucial aspect of the Shou Sugi Ban House experience. Sustainability – in concept and practice – embodies our respect for, and reliance upon, the biological welfare of the land and sea, as well as our dedication to maintaining it.

crudo dish
duck dish
root vegetable dashi
green tonic drink
seaweed butter and radishes
fish dish

Sample Menu


  • Rice bowl with poached egg and marinated seaweed served with raw and pickled vegetable
  • Ancient grains porridge, dried fruits and almonds


  • Silken tofu with walnuts, salted plums served with warm mushroom broth


  • Whole roasted cauliflower with black garlic and miso served with spring cabbage and nasturtium tacos
  • Baked brook trout with fermented beans and sprouts served with new potatoes cooked in chamomile and grilled cucumber
  • Frozen young beets with glazed rhubarb and red currants
soup dumplings