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Curandera/o: A Cleansing Retreat

July 4 - July 7

Join us for our first collaborative retreat with indigenous medicine practitioners Maggie Harrsen and Michael Ventura for an immersive 4-day experience.

Both Maggie and Michael work in folk medicine lineages passed down to them from curanderas — female shamans — from Peru (Maggie) and Mexico (Michael). In their work, limpias — energetic cleansings — are performed using a combination of touch, prayer, plants, herbs, music and other tools. These practices have been used throughout history to bring a sense of well being to those seeking renewal.

Each day will begin with therapeutic practices designed to open the mind, body and spirit for the day ahead. Morning and afternoon workshops will be conducted to help participants explore their interior worlds through guided experiences. Communal meals will be hosted each day to open the opportunity for guests to connect with each other over food that is holistic and nourishing. Each guest will receive a one-on-one session with either Maggie or Michael and one massage as part of the weekend’s program.

Michael Ventura

For over a decade, Michael has had the honor of serving the lineages of several gracious and powerful traditional healers. His work is grounded in the Chinese practice of qigong as relayed to him by Master Yuwen Ru and the shamanic traditions of the Nahuatl Indians as shared by curandera Doña Leova. In addition, his study of other forms with teachers such as Andrew Langberg and Eva-Marie Lind have led to the incorporation of herbs and plants, crystals, sound and energetic somatics as called for in each session.

One of the first and most meaningful lessons given to him along this path was from his teacher Gil Barretto, who told him that our self-work should always be in the service of preparing our essence to address and release whatever holds us back before our death. In their work together they will strive to empower individuals to remove the burden of karmic, ancestral, and personal trauma and to enlighten the path before them. This work is rooted in service and he is honored to share it with all who seek help on their journey.

Michael is also the author of Applied Empathy: The New Language of Leadership, a book about what it takes to embody the perspective of another, and how when applied that methodology can bring insights and action together to drive change.

Maggie Harrsen

Maggie Harrsen is a Spiritual Healer and Herbalist working with the Spirit forces of Mother Nature including the plants and elements. She uses the energetic and healing properties of the body, as well as certain offerings to achieve a healing effect.

Maggie was initiated onto her path as a healer when she cured herself of chronic illness and trauma. She began studying the healing arts in 2008 and today her work integrates a range of therapeutic methods she used to heal herself. For the past five years Maggie has traveled to Peru to study under two Curandera’s on the North Coast. This life experience reconnected Maggie with her Scandinavian and Iberian ancestry and Curanderismo (traditional healing) of this region. She believes the human body has an innate capacity to heal itself and created the Puakai Model of Healing to support individuals on the path to healing themselves.

Maggie resides in the Hamptons, New York. Her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, GOOP, Condé Nast Traveler, and Well+Good.

July 4 @ 4:00 pm
July 7 @ 11:30 am
Event Category:

$4,650; fully inclusive

4-day, 3-night stay
Check-in is at 4:00pm; check-out is at 11:30am

What's included

Retreat program designed by Michael Ventura and Maggie Harrsen. See full schedule above.
One limpia (energetic cleansing) session with Michael or Maggie
One massage in the privacy of your guest studio or spa
A culinary program created by Michelin star chef Mads Refslund, offering plant-based, nutrient-rich meals in our demonstration kitchen
Private guest studio with fireplace, soaking tub and garden patio
Organic, Japanese in-room amenities

*Additional spa treatments and services can be booked for an added cost